Thursday, October 31, 2013

New book: The Council of Light

This post is a bit off topic for Life in the Past Lane, but I thought it was interesting enough to share. It's about a new book titled, The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul.

It's written by Danielle Rama Hoffman and shows how shifting your consciousness and raising your inner vibration, can change your daily life experience and manifest the life you want.

I've read a little about  positive energy and vibrations, but this book takes those theories to another level. It gives practical advice for raising your vibrational energy and creating a life of joy, abundance, and ease.
The book includes guided journeys and exercises to manifest health, wealth, happiness, and purpose and to form a direct connection with the Council of Light.
I decided to share this information because the book is brand new and the author is offering free gifts if you buy it today. Everyone loves free gifts, right?
Here's the website if you're interested: But remember, you have to order today!


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Nikki said...

Thank you for sharing the details for your blog visitors. We appreciate your participation :)

And I quote...

"[L]et us make a vow to our dead. Let us show them by our actions that we understand what they died for. Strengthened by their courage, heartened by their valor, and borne by their memory, let us continue to stand for the ideals for which they lived and died."
--Ronald Reagan at Pointe du Hoc, 1984